CWP Courses and Basic Safety and Awareness

Basic Safety and Awareness; Levels One, Two and Three

Family and Household Safety, Cleaning, Maintenance, Storage and Safe Handling Practices.
We get a lot of questions about detail cleaning; here you go... you don't know... what you don't know.

Glock: Three time Glock factory certified armourer class graduate. Learn from a Pro how to field and detail strip, clean, and maintain all Glock pistols.
Own a different type pistol or rifle? We can help there, too.Spend a little time and money learning the important stuff. Please call and come to find out.

SLED Certified SC CWP;

Classes are of held the first weekend of every month, that is not a holiday; or any two days for groups of four or more.
Per SC State Law; one day Legal or Shooting sections only, are available for the qualified; though not recommended.

Concealed Weapons Permit Holders;

Levels One, Two and Three; Based on your Knowledge and Skill Level (yes there is a level three) Please call and come find out.

Basic Pistol

Adult, Youth, Ladies Only, all group classes available.
Special pricing is available to all youth groups and professionals; teachers, office groups, LEO, EMC.....
Extra special pricing is also available for anti-gun Politicians!!
Hourly rates are available for your family or friends that want to know the way of the gun.
If you are nice you may learn somthing yourself. When have you last had profesional instuction.
When needed please see our youth class description below.

Suarez International Combat Pistol;

Suarez Close Range Gunfighting One
Suarez Close Range Gunfighting Two
Suarez Force on Force  

Basic to interm Defensive Carbine and or Shotgun instruction

Private Instruction; Hourly Coaching for Real World Carry; Competition, or Sport. Your questions will be answered with
professional truth.

Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP)

South Carolina CWP classes are held the first weekend of every month.

Still working on this page; Sept. 2017, sb

updates coming soon on new laws and issues; July 2017.
South Carolina Law requires a minimum of 8 hours of  training (2014/15, has brought new state laws and we may teach as required); from a Sled Certified Instructor, to be eligible for a Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP). Over the years we have found one day is not enough time. We cover a lot of information.
For most, this is the only formal training they ever attend. (You don't know what you don't know) Our classes are taught in two 6/7 hour sessions. The required shooting chapter of the class is usually at the end of the second day. Those that are common with shooting from a concealed carry mode can shoot the SLED
CWP Qualifier at any pre-arranged time. Experience has found though, over the years; that at the end of two days of dynamic classroom work we become in
one word, again; kind of exhausted. Not a problem, some will shoot on Sunday and some will shoot on another day, with no extra fees. This is for safety issues and the instuctor shooter connection. The full CWP class starts promply at 10:05 AM on Saturday and Sunday then go untill 3 or 4:00 depending on the students. We have a 2-Hour DVD and 1-Hour reading requirement for "Homework" at registration. We will have short breaks throughout and can send out for lunch. Bring what you need for an all day event.

This class will cover:
  • Statutory and case law in SC relating to handguns and use of deadly force
  • Handgun use and safety
  • Proper storage practices for handguns that reduce possibility of accidental injury to children.
  • A SLED provided written examination and shooting proficiency test.
  • Study Handouts and all the help you need to file the proper forms with SLED. 
  • Free follow up and guidance on equipment purchase or training. 
Online Registratration coming soon.
Please call 843-757-7272 to schedule your class.

CWP Level 2

Half day, 3-6 hours - One day, 6-9 hours

SC CWP or equivalent
Strong side holster, heavy belt, double magazine pouch, cover garment.
250 rounds of factory ammunition
One open mind and/or good attitude
3-6 magazines
Bug gun is fine

Survival vs. Victory
Move and draw; Draw or move
Right/Left hand shooting
Building a better shooter
Definition and use of cover
Square range / real world / martial world; definitions
OODA loops – “Boyd”
Tape loops/AAD/drills - "Farnam"

Pre studies: Massad/JUODF, SLED website / SC Gun laws

Ladies and/or Youth Basic Firearms Clinic

Responsible Firearms Ownership Safety Training That Works

How do modern pistols and revolvers work? Loading and unloading, how do I operate this thing? Come and find out, in a safe and relaxed environment. Wear sturdy pants or shorts with a belt, in the belt loops. Bring a cap and your glasses, a practical handgun or shotgun of your choice for personal protection personal firearms and carry methods are encouraged though they are not required for this clinic. Despite the title this clinic is not limited to ladies only; but for those who just want a basic understanding of how these things work, as there is a fair chance there may be a gun owner in your home. Shooting is optional/ Safety and Knowledge is the mission.

This class will cover:
  • Handling and Shooting
  • Fundamental terminology
  • Live fire session available but not required.
Things to Bring
Eye and Ear protection. One open mind and/or one good attitude. Please call or email with any questions.

Online Registratration coming soon.
Please call 843-757-7272 to schedule your class.

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